The 4 C’s of Wigs

The 4 C’s of Wigs

New to Wigs?

Unclear about how to narrow down styles and pick ones that will work best for you? Like selecting a diamond, choosing a wig requires some understanding and appreciation for the details. This guide will take you through the ins and outs of the 4 Cs of Wigs:

  • Cut
  • Cap Size
  • Composition
  • Colour.

The First C – CUT

Start with style! Our site lets you easily narrow your search by length, brand or colour. At the beginning, you may want to stick close to a style you’re familiar with. A more drastic change can always be made later as you get used to wearing a wig. That’s when the fun begins. Just think: endless style flexibility! Many of our clients ultimately have a lot of fun experimenting with a variety of looks. Certain face shapes are flattered by certain styles.


The Second C – CAP SIZE

While average size wigs tend to fit about 95% of customers, you will find that quite a few wigs also come in petite and large sizes. Consider that many also have adjustable straps that give up to 1/2″ so that you can achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

To determine the right size wig for you, measure the circumference of your head from the front hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear and then back to the front hairline. Jot down your measurement then consult the table below. Please note that sizes may vary slightly by brand and that not all wigs are available in all cap sizes.


While you may have preconceived notions about human hair and synthetic hair, the truth is they both have advantages and limitations which make them the right choice in different situations.

   Human Hair Synthetic Hair
How long do they last? Approximately 1 year (with proper care) Approximately 1-3 months
Can I use heating tools, like curling iron or hot rollers? Yes. 100% Human Hair Extensions are heat-friendly and can be styled using heating tools, just like your own hair! Although, there are some heat-friendly Synthetic options available. Most Synthetic Extensions will melt when exposed to heat.
Are they easy to maintain? 100% Human Hair Extensions require a bit more maintenance than Synthetic Extensions. Like your own hair, your style is likely to fall in the rain or humidity. Synthetic Extensions have “memory”, meaning the style is pre-set and will not fall in the rain or humidity as 100% Human Hair does.
I’m getting married. Which option do you recommend? Both options will work for any special occasion. Most brides choose 100% Human Hair Extensions because of their natural look and styling versatility. If you are planning a tropical wedding, or if your wedding date is set during a rainy month, Synthetic Extensions may be a better way to go.
Can they be colour treated? Yes. 100% Human Hair Extensions can be color treated. Keep in mind, most 100% Human Hair Extensions have already been chemically treated and coloring may jeopardize the integrity of the hair. No. Synthetic Extensions can not be color treated, as it will cause irreparable damage.
Do they look natural? Yes. 100% Human Hair Extensions look the most natural, blend seamlessly with your own hair, and reflect light the way your own hair would. Yes. Synthetic Extensions blend with your own hair to create a virtually undetectable look and are a great, affordable alternative to 100% Human Hair Extensions.
How much do they cost? Price Range Approximately:
R800 – R6500.00
Price Range Approximately:
R600.00 – R2000.00

Different cap constructions each have a specific method of attaching hair to the cap each with its own set of advantages.


The Fourth C – COLOUR

As most styles offer a range of colour choices, this is a good final step. As you zero in on styles you like, you can begin to review the colours available. If you’re new to wearing wigs, consider staying close to your natural shade to ease the transition.


If you need help in chossing a colour, we can help you. Follow these steps.

  1. CHOOSE your colour ring based on your brand and/or style preference. 
  2. ADD the colour ring to your shopping cart, and pay for it just as you would for a regular purchase. Don’t worry – it’s just a deposit! 
  3. MAIL back the colour ring within 10 days and we will issue a store credit for the full price of the colour ring. 
  4. Plus, we will even throw in an extra R50 to help cover your shipping costs when you place your new order. 
  5. Credit will only be offered on wigs bought based on the brand of the colour ring. If you order an Eva Gabor colour ring, you have to purchase an Eva Gabor wig or Eva Gabor accessories to obtain the credit.

Wait! Let’s not forget about one last (and very important) “C”… Care. Great hair deserves great care! Once you have your beautiful wig, you want to do all you can to keep it looking fantastic.