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1B - Off Black

2 - Dark Brown

4 - Medium Dark Brown

6 - Chestnut Brown

8 - Medium Brown

10 - Ash Brown

12 - Golden Brown

14 - Dark Blonde

14/24 - Dark Blonde Frosted w/Light Strawberry Blonde

14/88 - Dark Blonde Frosted w/Light Wheat Blonde

16 - Ash Blonde

16/613 - Ash Blonde Frosted w/Platinum Blonde

17/101 - Light Ash Brown Frosted w/Silver Gray

22 - Pale Gold Blonde

18/22 - Light Ash Brown Frosted w/Light Ash Blonde

27 - Dark Strawberry Blonde

30 - Auburn

33 - Dark Auburn

38 - Light Brown w/10% Gray

44 - Off Black w/50% Gray

51 - Medium Brown w/75% Gray

56 - Light Brown w/90% Gray

60 - Off White
Hi-Lighted Colors

1H - Black w/Off Black Highlights

1BH - Off Black w/Medium Dark Brown Highlights

4H - Medium Dark Brown w/Medium Brown Highlights

6H - Chestnut Brown w/Auburn Highlights

12H - Golden Brown w/Light Gold Blonde Highlights

12AH - Golden Brown w/Light Auburn Highlights

14H - Dark Blonde w/Light Wheat Blonde Highlights

16H - Ash Blonde w/Platinum Blonde Highlights

18_22H - Light Ash Brown w/Light Ash Blonde Highlights

2400H - Auburn w/Dark Strawberry Blonde Highlights

24H18 - Light Ash Brown w/Gold Blonde Highlights

26H - Light Gold Blonde w/Light Blonde Highlights

2600H - Golden Blonde w/Light Gold Blonde Highlights

27H - Dark Strawberry Blonde w/Butterscotch Highlights

27AH - Dark Strawberry Blonde w/Dark Blonde Highlights

30H - Auburn w/Fire Red Highlights

33H - Dark Auburn w/Copper Red Highlights

130H - Copper Red w/Dark Strawberry Blonde Highlights

131H - Fire Red w/Auburn Highlights

614H - Light Wheat Blonde w/Light Gold Blonde Highlights
Rooted Colors 

1BR - Off Black w/Black Roots

2R - Dark Brown w/Off Black Roots

4R - Medium Dark Brown w/Dark Brown Roots

8R - Medium Brown w/Medium Dark Brown Roots

8/14R - Dark Blonde w/Medium Brown Roots

8/26R - Light Gold Blonde w/Medium Brown Roots

8/27R - Dark Strawberry Blonde w/Medium Brown Roots

12R - Golden Brown w/Medium Brown Roots

12/26R - Light Gold Blonde w/Golden Brown Roots

16/22R - Light Ash Blonde w/Ash Blonde Roots

16/613R - Platinum Blonde w/Ash Blonde Roots

22R - Light Ash Blonde w/Light Ash Brown Roots

24R - Light Strawberry Blonde w/Dark Blonde Roots

26R - Light Gold Blonde w/Ash Blonde Roots

27R - Dark Strawberry Blonde w/Auburn Roots

29R - Dark Auburn w/Copper Red and Fire Red Highlights

33/27R - Dark Strawberry Blonde w/Dark Auburn Roots

38R - Light Brown/10% Gray w/Light Ash Brown Roots

51R - Medium Brown/75% Gray w/Off Black/50% Gray Roots

60R - Off White w/Light Brown/90% Gray Roots

88R - Light Wheat Blonde w/Dark Strawberry Blonde Roots

130R - Copper Red w/Dark Auburn Roots
Hi-Lite Colors 

Creamsicle - Butterscotch Blonde w/Platinum Streaked Highlights

Mandarin Cream - Strawberry Gold Blonde w/Wheat Blonde Streaked Highlights

Iced Mocha - Medium Brown w/Golden Blonde Streaked Highlights

Roasted Cinnamon - Dark Auburn w/Strawberry Gold Blonde Streaked Highlights

Black Cherry - Black w/Fire Red Streaked Highlights

Spiced Apple - Fire Red w/Black Rooting

Ginger Twist - Ginger Blonde w/Black Rooting

Vanilla Bean - Platinum Blonde w/Black Rooting
Natural Rooted Colors

4GR - Dark Brown w/Medium Brown Highlights and Black Roots

12GR - Golden Brown w/Light Auburn Highlights and Dark Brown Roots

26GR - Gold Blonde w/Light Blonde Highlights and Brown Roots

27GR - Strawberry Blonde w/Dark Blonde Highlights and Dark Brown Roots

131GR - Fire Red w/Auburn Highlights and Dark Brown Roots

614GR - Wheat Blonde w/Light Gold Blonde Highlights and Brown Roots
Incognito Colors

Snow White

Yellow Glow

Hot Pink

Deep Purple

Electric Blue

Red Cherry

Burgundy Wine

Crimson Swirl

Vanilla Swirl

Indigo Swirl
Element Colors






















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